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Offering quality auto insurance, commercial business insurance & non profit insurance

We shop multiple insurance companies for you at Haas Insurance Agency, an independent insurance agency providing home, auto, and fixed life insurance policies throughout Connecticut. With offices in Newtown/Sandy Hook and Glastonbury, we are able to provide personalized service and individual attention to all our Connecticut customers.

Our results are SO good, people frequently ask how much we charge. There is no charge, because the companies that we work with pay us directly. We’re insurance agents that find the best deal for you, so that you don’t have to worry or spend time completing forms all over the internet.

Working with someone that knows you and the town you live in is important. We know families that live on Main St in Glastonbury and all over town – up to Hebron Avenue and over New London Turnpike into South Glastonbury. In Newtown we have you covered in Sandy Hook, Newtown Borough, Hawleyville, Botsford and Dodgingtown, up Church Hill Rd, to Rte 25 and Rte 302. These are the towns we live in and do our daily work. We invite you to learn more about how we can serve you with the best rates that others can’t beat, and still retain a quality relationship that will last decades. You’ve found your place. You’re home again at Haas Insurance Agency.

There are so many companies advertising about cheap rates or a few gimmick coverages. Have you seen the commercials for Geico, Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide and Liberty Mutual insurance companies? How could you not see them? Not only are we a local small business employer, we donate money locally to support our community. We work hard to earn your money and your trust. With an informed decision and a small effort, you can join an exclusive group of other clients that look us in the eye today and years from now enjoying the confidence that we will be there for you when times become challenging. We’re problem solvers and your friend in insurance.

For clients that really want to build confidence in our relationship more quickly. The Haas Insurance Agency developed an integrated discovery tool that helps you draw a clear picture of your life’s most important assets, so—together—we design a protection plan in which you have confidence. Together we identify the lowest cost insurance solution that properly covers your assets, lifestyle, business and hobbies. Gaps and excess coverage are easily seen and resolved. Ask us about the Peace of Mind Conversation, if you want to really understand your insurance protection more deeply.

Contact us to schedule your own peace of mind experience at our office in Newtown/Sandy Hook or Glastonbury. Our goal is to make this process very easy.